Empowering CEOs to Align All Aspects of the Business — Including IT

mn-businessHow Pragmatek transformed its business model

John P. Palen, CEO of Allied Executives (alliedexecutives.com) authored an article in the April 2015 issue of Minnesota Business on how Pragmatek transformed its business model from IT to high-value management consulting.

Palen writes: “Developing a new methodology called ‘Business Process and Technology Alignment,’ Pragmatek shifted to 90 percent high-value management consulting… It’s working. In the past few years, Pragmatek has attracted midsize to large clients like Deluxe, testing and sensor maker MTS Systems Corp., and cleaning innovator Tennant. Consultants are providing strategies to drive business results and reduce costs by improving business processes — and that includes the company’s choice of technology.”

Key lessons learned during Pragmatek’s transformation:

  • Harness the expertise you already have in-house and identify gaps.
  • Analyze products/services and focus revenue goals and sales toward the high margin. Gradually drop less profitable ones.
  • Rebrand and refocus how you talk about your business in marketing and sales.
  • Continue to monitor and adjust your market position toward unmet (and more profitable) customer needs.
  • Sell to the right decision-maker who perceives high value.

Palen works with CEOs, business owners, and executive leaders on leadership development and business performance improvement through peer groups, coaching and educational workshops.

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