How Great Project Management Pays for Itself

By Steve Bloom, Owner/CEO, Pragmatek

I often meet with executives regarding implementation projects of various flavors — some technology based, others more process or operationally based. There is one common theme to these discussions — it’s the main reason implementation projects of any... MORE

Predictions for 2015: Four Key Trends in Harnessing High-Speed Analytics

By Karthik Palanisamy

No matter where your company stands in terms of data collection and analysis, I am predicting four trends that business leaders will want to consider in this New Year to gain a competitive edge and grow... MORE

Clean Order – the “Right Way” to Run Your Business

By Chaz Hanisch, Sr. Management Consultant, Pragmatek

As customers get even more demanding, companies are under greater pressure to get their complete “Order to Cash” process right.

As the pace of commerce has dramatically increased, the patience of customers has similarly decreased. "Better, faster, and cheaper" just isn't good enough anymore; customers today are demanding clean... MORE