Think Globally, Act Strategically

By George Wellock, Senior Management Consultant

Explore all options as you consider today's "Made in the USA" logistics trend

Operations executives are naturally concerned with the big picture. By virtue of their role as supply chain leaders within their organizations, they must think globally. But in order to meet the needs of their customer base, they have traditionally focused on optimizing plants and warehouses under their control rather than using a broader, more collaborative supply chain approach.

As more businesses become global in scope, supply chain leaders must not only be experts in collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment strategies but also must be conversant in such diverse topics as stability of foreign markets and how countries use their natural... MORE

Problem Solved: Logistics and Transportation

Summary of Results: To overcome inefficient deliveries, high inventory and poor warehouse utilization, Pragmatek partnered with Clover Super Foods to improve inventory accuracy by 98%, increase inventory turns by 53% and optimized truck routes. What's more, world-class processes were installed and executed. Download a copy of this case study.