It’s a Business Project,
Not an I/T Project

By Steve Bloom, Owner/CEO, Pragmatek

“Could you help our I/T department with a software selection project?” I receive calls like this fairly often. Antiquated software running all or portions of a business may be holding it back. Yet the conversation... MORE

A Quick View of SAP’s

By Karthik Palanisamy

An announcement was made by SAP in early February when Suite 4 SAP HANA was introduced, which is designed to “break through all limitations of the past and... fully leverages the latest in-memory and real-time... MORE

Driving Efficiencies After Multiple Acquisitions

By George Wellock

Last month’s article described the need for achieving “Clean Orders” to optimize cycle time and efficiency in servicing customers. A good example of how this need emerges is Enventis Inc. (formerly HickoryTech)... MORE