Trends in eCommerce: Lower the Cost of Selling and Increase ROI

By Tim Allen, Vice President of Management Consulting

Improve B2B order management with self-ordering processes using eCommerce sales approach

Due to the rising costs of traditional business-to-business (B2B) sales, more companies will be turning to eCommerce by 2020 to remain competitive. Yet, according to Gartner Research, well over 60% of B2B transactions in the United States still occur offline -- representing a significant chunk of missed saving opportunities.

A closer look at Pragmatek clients conducting offline B2B sales and order entry indicates a reluctance to eliminate human intervention. Why this hesitancy to reduce or remove the so-called "middle man"? There’s a perception among customer-centric or sales channel-centric companies that web-based ordering systems cannot handle the complexity of their product/service configurations... MORE

Problem Solved: Poor Data Quality

Summary of Results: Pragmatek partnered with Lube-Tech to develop sustainable processes and eliminate workarounds for significant payoffs, such as a 150% increase in production output. Download a copy of this case study.