Deciding to Become a
Culture of Change

By Steve Bloom, Owner/CEO, Pragmatek

Does your organization make change decisions on a timely basis? More often than not, I find that C-level executives generally know what issues to tackle, yet they prolong the decision-making process. This inability to... MORE

3 Key Milestones On
The HANA Journey

By Karthik Palanisamy

Think of HANA as a journey by keeping the long-term vision and the business case in mind at all times. Otherwise, it will be a very expensive point solution. To pave the way for a smooth journey, an earlier... MORE

Building a Climate for Continuous Improvement

By George Wellock

How Pragmatek helped an electronics manufacturer achieve one-half cycle time

How can you identify “clean order” problems? Look for waste in all areas of your business! How can you consistently achieve “clean orders”? Eliminate that waste! Over the last few decades, well-run companies... MORE