Big Data Buzz: 5 Questions to Ask Before Analytics Project Kick-Off

By Steve Bloom, Owner/CEO, Pragmatek

I recently attended the SAP SAPPHIRE conference in Orlando and was amazed to hear all of the buzz around big data. It definitely was the hot topic of the week. Yet, it’s a highly confusing topic for many clients... MORE

Analytics Trend: Move from Reporting to Prediction

By Karthik Palanisamy

How to drive revenue based on predictive analytics

Frustration is high among organizations utilizing spreadsheets across the enterprise for analytics or reporting especially when dealing with disparate data sources. Further, companies going through... MORE

Business Process Technology Alignment: How to Balance People, Process and Technology

By Maria Snyder, Senior Management Consultant

When looking around your office, do you sense the “feng shui” of collaboration and harmony? Or is it more like Abbot and Costello in “Who’s on First?” If it’s more the latter than the former, you may be challenged... MORE