Get SMART: Avoid the Pain of ERP Upgrades

By George Wellock, Senior Management Consultant

Preparing for an ERP Upgrade is never easy and comes with risks, expenses and potential business disruptions

You decide to upgrade your ERP system because the benefits to your organization far outweigh the cost and difficulties of upgrading. Right?

Yet, many organizations forget to heed the sage advice of Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Pragmatek helps companies avoid many of the pains that an upgrade brings by applying Franklin’s thinking to “Get SMART” — it’s all about taking the right steps to get ready for a smooth upgrade.

Here’s how Pragmatek has helped ease this process for mid- to large-sized clients in all types of industries... MORE

Problem Solved: Inefficient ERP

Summary of Results: Pragmatek partnered with Tennant Company to create scalable business processes and systems that realized a 20% improvement in revenue per employee and a 13% reduction in SG&A expenses. Download a copy of this case study.