Business Intelligence Drives Continuous Improvement: How do you know if your company is improving?

By George Wellock, Senior Management Consultant

4 Simple Steps to Achieve the Best BI Results

As companies seek continuous improvement, the trend is pairing real-time analytics (such as SAP HANA) with one or more improvement techniques (such as Lean, Six Sigma). The result: stronger business intelligence (BI) and data quality that can deliver better performance through more effective understanding and utilization of people, process and technology.

The basis for Pragmatek's highly effective, continuous improvement technique — Business Process Technology Alignment (BPTA) methodology — is the following simple steps to help achieve the best BI results... MORE

Problem Solved: Solid Data and Continuous Improvement Techniques Improve Business Results

Summary of Results: Pragmatek helped Daktronics build a Continuous Improvement / Lean culture utilizing critical data to improve throughput by 2X, enhance on-time delivery to 99% and deliver margin improvements in excess of $1 million. Download a copy of this case study.