Improve Your Order-to-Cash Process

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All too often, we hear about troubles keeping up with demand.  Executives say, “If only we could shorten the order or quote cycle, we could improve our on-time delivery.  Where do we start?”

The best place to start is by capturing all the business requirements and uncovering root problems in the “as is” state of your order (or quote) process based on three key considerations:

  • People – Invite a cross-functional team of employees who perform the order process to participate in discovering, diagnosing and aligning the improved processes.  This team should also consider: What training will be needed to strengthen the process going forward?  How can resources be re-deployed when efficiencies are realized that result in lower labor costs?
  • Process – Where are poor data and process disconnects causing order fulfillments to stop or requiring manual intervention?  Use a standard methodology (such as SAP ASAP) to ensure to systematically move through the timeline and capture all of the appropriate information for a successful implementation of the “to be” state.
  • Technology – To obtain a clear view of the “disconnects” and subsequent improvement opportunities, it is necessary to carefully map the business processes at the lowest level of activity, known as the “configuration level” where the ERP software operates.  Mapping the “to be” processes to your ERP package will leverage your investment and determine any additional technology needs to build into the solution.

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