Press Release: Pragmatek’s New Website Demonstrates Management Consulting That Achieves Measureable Results


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (August 7, 2014) — Improving business processes to drive results is the focus of a newly designed brand and website for Pragmatek, a management consulting firm with a 25-year track record of helping companies to grow revenue, reduce expenses and improve the bottom line. Case studies that demonstrate measurable results for their clients, including Lube-Tech, MTS Systems, Tennant, Faribault Foods, Toro, Snap-on, Gold’n Plump, and others.

The new Pragmatek website addresses the six most common business process problems faced by organizations of all sizes, especially manufacturing and distribution companies:

  • Poor quality data
  • Non-scalable supply chain
  • Direct store delivery failures
  • Inefficient ERP system
  • Order-to-cash disconnects
  • Inefficient logistics and transportation issues.

In all cases, business process improvement is the foundation for solving problems and driving results across the supply chain. Pragmatek’s seasoned consultants uncover root problems and improve business processes to create scalable ERP systems that lead to operational efficiencies, revenue growth and savings.

“Our clients will tell you that Pragmatek knows how to develop sustainable processes and eliminate workarounds for significant payoffs,” says Steve Bloom, Pragmatek’s CEO. “They say that we streamline processes to gain supply chain savings through improved order-to-cash cycle time. Our experienced consultants have worked with hundreds of companies to improve business performance with end-to-end supply chain effectiveness.”

Pragmatek is a Twin Cities-based management consulting firm that develops strategic partnerships with its clients to achieve significant payoffs: increases in revenue, net profit margin, earnings, productivity, on-time delivery, and more. Pragmatek’s leadership and experience helps companies to resolve issues such as overall ERP and supply chain inefficiencies, order-to-cash process disconnects and inefficient ERP systems via business process best practices. The result: Aligning people, processes and IT investments for greater customer service and ROI. For more information and to sign up for Pragmatek’s newsletter, please visit

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