Do your ERP systems lack business scalability for growth?

Problem: Business processes and systems limit scalability for acquisitions and efficient sales activities.

Solution: Pragmatek leadership in ERP systems and best practices implementation helps companies to streamline operations and align business processes with technology for greater productivity and cost savings.

Read how Pragmatek partnered with Tennant Corporation to create business scalability for processes and systems that realized a 20% improvement in revenue per employee and a 13% reduction in SG&A expenses.


Tennant Corporation

Tennant Corporation is a global manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment and specialty floor coatings. Tennant supplies industrial and commercial sweepers, detergents, and carpet cleaning equipment to customers around the world.

Pain Points & Challenges

  • Non-scalable business processes and ERP systems making it difficult to integrate several business acquisitions resulting in higher SG&A expenses.
  • Poor Quote-to-Cash (QTC) business processes, controls and measurement practices creating inefficient sales support and back-office operations.

Pragmatek ERP Solutions

  • Identified Portfolio of Improvements and executed Quick Hit solutions to streamline operations processes and reduce SG&A Spend.
  • Executed SAP foundational improvement project to remove SAP customization and drive business process standardization for improved productivity and continued SG&A efficiencies.
  • Introduced streamlined QTC process along with a Lower-Cost Global Sales Model to realize and sustain SG&A efficiencies.

The Payoffs

  • $5.2 Million Average Annual Net Income Increase
  • 5% Increase in Net Profit Margin
  • 20% Improvement in Revenue per Employee
  • 13% Improvement in SG&A Expenses


From the Client

“Tennant needed a trusted partner to help us streamline our U.S. and European operations, find areas of cost savings, and map these new processes to our outdated SAP instance. PRAGMATEK brought a seasoned team of professionals that delivered outstanding bottom-line results. I highly recommend PRAGMATEK and their Business Process and Technology Alignment approach to get the most out of your SAP system and help drive growth.”

-Tom Paulson, CFO

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