Are your business processes and supply chain a stumbling block for Direct Store Delivery?

Problem: Poor inventory planning and distribution drive up perishable waste and fulfillment failure, and margin erosion.

Solution: Pragmatek’s deep supply chain management and business process improvement experience improves inventory management, transportation and logistics, and distribution and fulfillment to help increase business margins.

Read how Pragmatek helped Faribault Foods to define the processes and systems to provide a Direct Story Delivery business strategy with end-to-end supply chain effectiveness that increased inventory turns by 35%.


Faribault Foods, Inc.

Faribault Foods is a Producer of Canned Goods including 8 company owned brands and over 32 contracted private label brands. With operations in Faribault Minnesota, the company had grown to become the world’s largest canning operation for organic soups. In addition to canning operations, the company provides full turnkey services for private label clients including Storage, Distribution and Direct Store Delivery (DSD).


Pain Points & Challenges

  • Faribault Foods expanded operations to include the canning and distribution of contracted private label brands
  • The Company needed help in defining the processes and systems to provide end-to-end supply chain services including DSD services.

Pragmatek Solutions

  • Developed and improved supply chain processes for production and distribution to enable effective DSD strategies that help Faribault Foods gain new private label customers
  • Identified $1.3M in excess inventory and developed a strategy that eliminated the excess inventory
  • Improved inventory planning processes to increase inventory turns by 35%
  • Identified and adjusted planning practices to reduce stock-outs and minimized lost revenue impact.
  • Identified and recommended ERP system updates to improve information flow, data analysis and to provide visibility to downstream retailer requirements for efficient replenishment.


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