Are you having trouble keeping up with demand?

Problem: Poor data and process disconnects are causing order fulfillments to stop or requiring manual intervention.

Solution: Pragmatek’s sales-and-operations management expertise improves order-to-cash process, fulfillment management process and delivery times across the supply chain.

Read how Pragmatek was chosen by MTS as a strategic partner for its supply chain management and ERP expertise to achieve measureable goals, including include 10% EBIT contribution and significant increase in on time delivery.


MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Systems is a global supplier of highly complex mechanical testing and simulation systems. Their test systems simulate repeated or harsh conditions to determine mechanical behavior of materials, products, & structures.

Pain Points & Challenges

  • Inability to proactively respond to order volume / mix changes due to limited Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) capabilities
  • Poor on-time performance due to inadequate planning and scheduling capabilities
  • Excessive order fulfillment cycle time due to non-integrated Order-to-Cash process

Pragmatek Solutions

  • Executed Quick Hit Solutions to synchronize supply with demand for incremental On-Time Delivery and order fulfillment improvement
  • Developed processes and tools to facilitate monthly S&OP leadership reviews to improve forecast accuracy
  • Implemented Project & Portfolio Scheduling capabilities to synchronize schedules for on-time delivery
  • Improved and streamlined SAP Order-to-Cash process based on “Clean Order” approach to improve process cycle time

The Payoffs

  • Strong EBIT Contribution enabled by Class A MRP Program
  • Sharp Increase in Productivity
  • Production Cycle-Time cut by a Third across the entire Portfolio
  • Long-term, continuous improvement in On-Time Delivery


From the Client

“As our strategic partner, Pragmatek brought in highly skilled Supply Chain and SAP consultants to help execute the Class A MRP Program. They provided the rhythm and rigor to assist with executing the program which enabled significant business transformation and benefits. We now have the foundation to achieve our growth plans.”

-Rod Christensen, VP Operations

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