Is poor data quality and access limiting your analysis and decision making?

Problem: Numerous, stand-alone spreadsheets result in poor data quality and cause ERP workarounds.

Solution: Pragmatek’s business process improvement consultants resolve poor data quality issues and improve information access leading to informed and data-driven decision making.

Read how Pragmatek partnered with Lube-Tech to develop sustainable processes and eliminate workarounds for significant payoffs, such as a 150% increase in production output.


Lubrication Technologies, Inc.

Lube-Tech is the Midwest’s largest blender, packager, and distributor of advanced lubricants and fuels for automotive, industrial, fleet, and small engine customers. Lube-Tech ships specialty small engine lubricants to thousands of dealers across 70 countries world-wide.

Pain Points & Challenges

  • Company growth outpaced capacity of leadership team
  • Difficulty meeting operating profit targets initially due to production downtime and late shipments after a new warehouse management system was put in place
  • Lack of standardized processes across the organization
  • Poor data quality along with non-scalable ERP system resulted in many workarounds

Pragmatek Solutions

  • Provided executive leadership to accelerate profitability and growth
  • Analyzed and drove savings in 3 key operational areas (Scheduling, Production and Warehouse)
  • Led strategic sourcing project reducing costs by nearly $1M
  • Addressed system integration issues, restoring service levels to 98%
  • Implemented Lean 6 Sigma tools and techniques focused on continuous improvement DOUBLED equipment up-time
  • Utilized Business Process and Technology Alignment (BPTA) to select a new ERP technology

The Payoffs

  • 4x Revenue growth 2003-2013
  • 92% Reduction in late shipments
  • 150%Increase in production output
  • 42% Increase in inventory turns


From the Client

“PRAGMATEK has been a key business partner and contributor and a major reason for our success since 2004. During this time our business has grown 4x. PRAGMATEK’s BPTA methodology helped us accelerate our growth by giving us the roadmap to upgrade our antiquated ERP system. Their team drives results and I highly recommend them.”

-Eric Jackson, COO, Lube-Tech

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