Do you have too much data and not enough insights?

Problem: The rapidly growing volume of data within organizations presents a great opportunity for companies to grow their business from robust data. Yet people, process and technology challenges often block the way. Barriers such as poor reporting performance, lack of adequate tools, limited capabilities to bring the information together and inaccurate or redundant data get in the way.

Solution: Pragmatek offers deep experience in assessing and enabling organizations to leverage people, process and technology for gaining new insights from their data. To achieve more effective and efficient barrier removal, Pragmatek offers expertise with in-memory computing from SAP, called HANA.

HANA is best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. HANA’s architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform. This enables organizations to have better insights to drive more business and reduce costs.

Read how Pragmatek helped a company that lacked data and analytics consistency across multiple business units to make more effective decisions. The overall speed and performance of reporting was becoming problematic. A proof-of-concept project is underway with one business unit to validate the strategic roadmap that Pragmatek created and demonstrate business value via HANA.


Client Problem

It’s common in today’s global economy for companies, even the small and medium-sized businesses, to operate multiple independent business units, each with its own unique strategies and requirements. While this type of organizational structure does present advantages, it’s not the optimal environment for business users to quickly gain a holistic view of the company and share enterprise data across business units.


Pain Points & Challenges for one company

  • SAP and non-SAP data sources created an enormous volume of data to analyze.
  • Too much reliance on the IT department to generate reports. Data workarounds were skewing information.
  • Lacked data and analytics consistency to make decisions affecting multiple business units.
  • Overall speed and performance of reporting was becoming problematic.

Pragmatek Solutions

  • Recommended SAP HANA in-memory solutions to store both SAP and non-SAP data.
  • Created a high-level SAP HANA roadmap covering business warehouse, ECC, CRM and business-driven, predictive modeling solutions on HANA.
  • A proof-of-concept project is underway with one business unit to validate the strategy and demonstrate business value via HANA.
  • Assisted with expanding SAP Business Objects solutions to gain faster analytics.

Potential Payoffs

  • Enhanced advanced analytics capabilities to improve productivity and provide competitive advantage
  • Standardized BI processes to ensure consistency and repeatability
  • SAP HANA implementation to enable high-speed reporting (management and operational)
  • Enable accurate, timely and consistent information delivery/access to the right people in the right format
  • Empowered business users to reduce dependence on IT for information and reporting needs
  • Build once and use many times for data management