Top 5 Trends for Driving Business Results through
Process Mapping

By George Wellock, Senior Management Consultant

Improved customer experiences, enhanced supply chain efficiency and greater employee retention are some of the many benefits behind five trends for driving more business results through a common tool called “process mapping.” An investment in process mapping provides a visual story of a company’s daily operations that delivers benefits on multiple levels and paves the way to stay ahead of the competition. Consider the following trends:

Trend 1: Improve customer interaction by streamlining CRM workflows

Want to simplify how employees interact with customers more consistently and provide the same experiences time after time? Many companies are developing workflow configurations in their CRM systems to do just that. Using process mapping techniques, these critical processes are standardized and simplified using CRM best practices and provide a visual tool that results in improved... MORE

Problem Solved: Inefficient ERP

Summary of Results: Pragmatek partnered with Tennant Company to create scalable business processes and systems that realized a 20% improvement in revenue per employee and a 13% reduction in SG&A expenses. Download a copy of this case study.