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We bring 30+ years of experience in process improvement and ERP systems to help you achieve significant, measurable results.

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Our commitment to you is to bring excellence and integrity to each project and every meeting.

With a culture built on trust and respect, Pragmatek is a leading IFS Services Partner and Management Consulting firm. We provide ERP technology and business process improvement in Manufacturing and Distribution Operations, Supply Chain, Field Service Management, and a variety of other IFS-supported business functions.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve strategic, measurable results. We bring depth and breadth of experience and best practices from 30+ years of improving processes and driving results. Whether you’re looking for an IFS partner or operational improvement, rely on us to guide your team to meet the expectations of your board of directors AND customers with confidence.

You’ll come to think of us as part of your team. Just ask any of our clients!


  • Family-led agency, established in 1989
  • Working in the ERP space for more than 30 years
  • Many of our consultants have more than 20 years in the industry
  • Experience leading complex, full implementations, end-to-end
  • The only firm in North America that offers BOTH Full ERP Application AND Field Service Management capabilities
  • We provide entire teams for implementations (project managers and all functional/ technical roles)
  • Rooted in management consulting
  • Organizational Change Management capabilities
  • Extensive experience in IFS Cloud
  • Invested in the IFS Partner Success Program as well as our own IFS Instance/ Sandbox

Our Leadership Team

strategic planning and sales development for growth, ROI through IT and strategic alignment

Outside of Work:
Steve plays golf and hockey, and enjoys running, biking, and spending time at his cabin with his friends and his girls.

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Steve Bloom, Owner/CEO

“I am passionate about making connections with C-level executives and board members to demonstrate how Pragmatek’s seasoned consultants will help them grow and expand their businesses. I love it when you ask me: ‘Where have you done this before?’ That’s because our work has the same measurable impact whether we’re driving results at a small, mid-market, or Fortune 500 company. And once you become a satisfied Pragmatek client, you are our best salesperson. It’s my job to show you what success looks like.”

You can depend on Steve for direct, honest answers and accountability to improve your company’s bottom line. With an earnest desire for clear impact with ROI, he has been the linchpin between C-level executives and consultants for more than 25 years. Steve worked for IBM’sIT consulting group for four years before joining Pragmatek in sales in 1991. The business grew quickly and within three years, he became owner and CEO. Steve understands your need to be more operationally efficient and better utilize people and technology, as well as your aspirations to increase business and gain market share. He also shares his enthusiasm for making connections and improving performance for nonprofit organizations through his work with Social Venture Partners.

process improvement, operations/ manufacturing assessments, IT and strategy alignment

Outside of Work:
Tim is active in Western horsemanship, fly fishing, hiking, and skiing.

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Tim Allen, VP of Management Consulting/IFS Implementations

“My passion is working with C-level teams to deal with tough business issues. It’s all about bridging the gap between business strategy and process, and then utilizing technology for greater business leverage. With practical recommendations on where to focus improvements, I enjoy helping my clients get to the next level of business.”

As the former CEO of a steel fabrication company, Tim can relate to the problems that all C-level executives face in their supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution functions. He has first-hand experience solving growth, financial, operational, and staffing challenges. Based on his expertise and best practices, he’ll help you discover and shore up risks, then create new opportunities for increased revenues, margins, and customer service. Learn more about Tim’s expertise by reading his article, “Improve Your Business: Processes for ERP Efficiency,” from the 2011 article in Strategic Finance.

sales and operational effectiveness, growth strategies

Outside of Work:
Jodi enjoys family time, cabin life, boating, and sunsets on the beach.

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Jodi Martin, General Manager

“As a former owner of a distribution company, I hired Pragmatek to help me make tough decisions when profits were down. These seasoned consultants brought a wealth of knowledge to fill the talent gap in my organization. Their expertise and laser focus were applied to every aspect of my business, resulting in improved profitability and more efficient operations—leading to a successful sale of the business. I believe in Pragmatek so much that I decided to join their ranks.”

Understanding your company’s pain points through active listening is one of Jodi’s core strengths. With a background in sales and business development, as well as management of warehouse and office operations, she quickly grasps the issues that C-level executives wrestle with daily, such as inventory turns, logistics, revenue growth and net profit margin. This first hand experience, including 25 years of experience as a food-distribution business owner, helps Jodi empathize and engage with you — to show you how Pragmatek will help improve your bottom line by addressing the challenges that are hindering your company’s growth.

Employment Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented consultants with IFS experience. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities, please send your resume to