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Fully Adaptable, Low-Code Software Solutions

As a Novacura Flow Partner, we’ll modify and expand your existing ERP systems to create a platform that is truly customized to the specific needs of your business.

Pragmatek offers the perfect mix of ERP expertise and industry experience to meet the specific needs of your organization. What’s more, thanks to the low-code platform Novacura Flow, we can go beyond ERP limitations and propose end-to-end software solutions that meet even the most difficult requirements. Applications created in Novacura Flow can be run on any device type: mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. It can even be used on barcode scanners.

And we provide ongoing support to ensure maximum efficiency. We have proven to be a trusted partner in all ERP implementations, integrations, optimization, and upgrades.

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Novacura Flow is the most advanced low-code platform for ERP systems in the world. Here are some of the key features: 


Rather than writing lines of code, designers create the apps by drawing the processes, communicating with the ERP system, and then publishing with one click.


Applications can be run on any device type: mobile phones, tablets, and desktops – even a barcode scanner. Our mobile user interface is simple and optimized to be clicked a thousand times per hour.


Specific features, like barcode support, offline mode, and mobile printing, make it adaptable for use in a warehouse, on a shop floor, or out in the field.


Controls complex processes that involve different people, systems, and various modules of the ERP, as well as helps you optimize processes by gathering and measuring stats.


Built to work seamlessly with the most popular ERP systems, and equipped with dedicated ERP connectors than are easily configured and used in the applications.


Equipped with 50+ connectors to the most popular business systems, cloud platforms, and cloud services to orchestrate the integration between multiple systems (may also act as a service bus).


Can be used as a bridge to the latest technologies, such as cloud services (artificial intelligence, document recognition, etc.), and physical equipment integration (gauges, machines, robots, vehicles).


As a next-generation low-code platform, you have access to our marketplace with dozens of ERP applications prepared to meet your industry needs.

“Pragmatek has been an outstanding partner to Tito’s. They have really stepped up to the plate in several areas and provided very experienced consultants that know their stuff. They have worked side by side with our team at Titos to keep our project moving forward on a consistent basis. Cheers to Pragmatek, I highly recommend them.”

Joe Leake, Sr Director, I/T, Tito’s Handmade Vodka

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