An Integrated Approach to ERP.

Upgrade Your Business With IFS and Pragmatek 

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Pragmatek is the ONLY FIRM in North America that offers BOTH Full ERP Application AND Field Service Management capabilities.

We are highly committed to ensuring your success on IFS Cloud. Our team boasts unparalleled expertise and professionalism within the IFS network. Our experienced consultants will help you achieve operational efficiency and a high return on your investment in IFS applications, while minimizing implementation risks. We are here to assist during all stages of your ERP project and support you as your business changes and grows.

Founded in 1989, we have been an IFS Services Partner since 2018 with over 20+ implementations to date at large and mid-sized companies.  We have over 50 IFS consultants with an average experience of over 15 years.  We have deep expertise in manufacturing, construction and engineering, service and distribution, and energy industries.

IFS Implementation Roles

  • CRM
  • Data Migration
  • Engineering
  • Field Service Management
  • Finance
  • H/R
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Project Manager
  • Projects
  • QA/OM
  • Solutions Architect
  • Supply Chain
  • Technical Solutions Manager

IFS gives you end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, so you can deliver on consumer demands for transparency, sustainability, and authenticity.


Role-based portals provide an at-a-glance view of roles and processes — so that you can stay focused on the right things, at the right time.


Fully integrated system with a single database that provides a consistent and reliable source to provide relevant data to the right people.


Real-time information with robust analytics for better insights and executive review, including superior views of data across your company.


With one platform and a single source of truth across your organization, you will be able to improve decision-making, processes, and productivity.


With fewer customizations and easier maintenance, your team saves time and can focus on strategic initiatives that drive more profit.


Our integrated customer support and comprehensive capabilities give you great ROI and allow you to provide a more reliable service to your customers.

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BiModal Solutions is a Pragmatek-certified technology partner located in Kraków, Poland. BiModal specializes in IFS technology and integration services, such as advanced configurations, reporting, and data migration. They are also experts in NovaCura and Boomi. BiModal uses the latest low-code technologies so can create in a short time a unique solution tailored to the customer with many years of experience in working with IFS Applications.

With Pragmatek and IFS as your partners, you will benefit from decades of industry experience, and our tiered service offerings deliver tangible value to you based on the needs, demands , and maturity of your organization. We handle everything from IFS licensing and implementation, to integrations and optimization, to training and support. 

“Pragmatek stepped up when we were struggling and not only helped us form the correct team from Shaw but participated as part of the team to allow us to assure a smooth rollout in a near impossible go-live date.”

–Keith Luomala, Shaw Development LLC, CEO