Business GPS: A Roadmap to Continuous Improvement

BPTA-Roadmap-to-SuccessBusiness Process Technology Alignment (BPTA) serves as your “Business GPS” to help you get from where your organization is today to where you want it to be in the most direct fashion.

BPTA is a proven approach to help businesses align strategy, people, process, and technology to set the direction for business success. It provides the tools to bridge the gap between business process requirements and ERP/software capabilities to guide your strategic initiatives and help you realize strong business results.

To build a BPTA roadmap requires a solid understanding of the current situation (business processes and requirements), a clear vision of what improvement initiatives need to be accomplished to be successful, and a structured approach to define a clear path to effective implementation of improvements in people, process and technology.

There are five phases in the BPTA roadmap that lead to successful implementation:

  1. Discover – Set the stage for success! Understand the business strategy, business model and basis for competition and layout the project scope and the processes/systems that need to be improved.
  2. Analyze – Create a starting point for process improvement! Document the current way of doing business, process issues and improvement opportunities.
  3. Design – Lay out future processes and key performance metrics! Develop future processes based on best practices and ERP system functionality.
  4. AlignValidate priorities and return on investment! Complete financial evaluations and build consensus for project priorities.
  5. ImplementDrive program to successful completion! Plan and implement comprehensive action plan. Measure progress and program success. Build a culture of continuous improvement.


Read a case study to see an example of how BPTA was applied successfully to drive an aggressive IT Strategy that improved the entire Order-to-Cash process. This organization was able to bridge the Business-IT Gap and improve customer acquisition, provisioning and order fulfillment to enhance customer satisfaction.

This methodology is a repeatable and highly dependable process for constructing your BPTA Roadmap, which lays the foundation to support a lifecycle of continuous business process improvement. In our next article, we will describe Execution and Key Deliverables for the BPTA process.

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