Strong Business Results Come from Aligning People, Process and Technology

tire-balanceLooking to grow margins and reduce costs for faster return on investment?

The mark of a strong company is the ability to deliver consistent business results in a challenging economic environment. The challenge is to synchronize all of the tools and resources at your disposal to deliver these results.

Just as your car tires are balanced to provide ultimate alignment and driving performance, your business can run more smoothly by taking a similar approach. Better alignment will support the organization’s strategic goals by assessing opportunities before making changes or upgrading technology. For example, to ensure your next IT investment gets the expected return, it’s important to take a comprehensive approach to technology selection to avoid an expensive implementation.

A proven method that delivers value

Alignment for strong business results is best focused on three key activities: people, process and technology. All three must be brought into balance to bridge the gap between business process requirements and ERP capabilities to achieve your strategic goals. And all three must be continuously improved to ensure they are delivering to your expectations.

Business Process Technology Alignment (BPTA) is a proven method that balances people, process and technology with the following benefits:

  • Strategy Alignment – With a clear understanding of strategic direction, your teams build the procedures and systems needed for success.
  • People Skills and Competence – Your staff and subject matter experts are confident that they have the right skills to be a market leader in your industry.
  • Process Execution – Process flows are streamlined, waste is minimized and your order to cash runs more efficiently.
  • Technology Tools and Capabilities – Information is available in a timely and accurate manner and you are getting your money’s worth from your IT investment.

The end result is streamlined business processes that are supported by your ERP system and aligned with your business strategy. Your teams can deliver strategic programs on time and on budget. Your organization effectively responds to market demand and your ERP system delivers the value you expected.

The bottom line: You see the improvements in your financial performance, your customer satisfaction, and return on investments for your shareholders. Watch for more information about the roadmap to BPTA success.

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